Home Lobotomy Kit Hot Xmas Gift

shutterstock_211981141This holiday season, everybody wants to get drilled. The hot Christmas gift flying off the shelves is Hasbro’s new home surgical kit – Lobotomy!

The lobotomy kit comes with an easy-grip power drill and a helmet resembling a colander. The helmet features a dozen preset drill holes to target specific areas of the brain.

“It’s fun for the whole family,” spokesman Chester Springfield said.

Most popular is the “Rewind” hole, which erases all memory of the 2016 calendar year. Close behind is the “Strangelove,” guaranteed to eliminate fear centers in the frontal cortex and make you stop worrying about the bomb. Or try the “Trump” and blast away all long-term memory and logical reasoning and start riding a thrilling rollercoaster of impulsive, random thoughts.

Or try them all!

The toy company, who brought you Operation, partnered with device maker Medtronic to tap into the booming market for body modification. However, doctors caution that home lobotomists could go too far, and not even remember.

“We have a lot of repeat customers,” Springfield smiled. “Drill baby drill.”

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