Fake News Linked to Illuminati, Climate Change

hqdefaultThe search led to an apartment in Macedonia, then an underground kangaroo fighting ring in Australia.

At first, authorities were convinced the glut of fake news websites coming out of the former Soviet Bloc was a targeted effort by the Russian government to tip the American presidential election in favor of a more pliable candidate, Donald Trump.

But after the election, the fake news just kept coming. And then Interpol agents made a shocking discovery: the complete Crocodile Dundee trilogy on Blu-ray in the Skopje flat. That same day a viral video swept the globe – a man punching a kangaroo in the face. Meanwhile in Brussels, an obscure subcommittee in the European Union quietly killed a science funding bill.

The pattern repeated. A major climate change study was released, and almost simultaneously, mannequin challenge videos flooded the internet.

However, the connection only became clear today when a hiker discovered a carelessly dropped brochure on a trail outside Chappaqua, New York. The brochure describes an extraordinary plan to raise sea levels and create “classy” new hotel properties, while diverting the public’s attention.

The brochure is signed and dedicated to Hillary Clinton, a well-known member of the Illuminati and part-time child trafficker.

The inscription?  “See you at the beach! Your friend, Don.”

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