Marine Corps Recruits Report Bullying at Boot Camp

Boot CampParris Island, SC – Just six minutes into the 13 week Army training course here known as “hell on earth,” Private Chester Kyle raised his hand and asked for a five minute break. When the drill instructor offered him 50 push-ups instead, Private Kyle requested permission to file a “grievance” and see a counselor.

Instructed to “shut his pie-hole” and referred to as a “numb-nuts,” Private Kyle promptly walked out of the bunkhouse and called his mom for a ride home.

“I didn’t sign on for that kind of criticism,” Mr. Pyle said. “I’m not just a maggot–I’m a human being with feelings and hobbies. I play guitar and stuff.” He is now suing the Army for harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. His lawsuit alleges that the Marine Corps promotes a “culture of intimidation, conformity, and strict discipline.”

Now others are bravely stepping forward with similar horror stories of bullying and peer pressure at boot camp and throughout the military.

Former Navy SEAL Jack Thompson confessed he is still “reeling” from receiving a low score in his Basic Underwater Demolition course and finding a bar of soap in his sock drawer.

Trent Masters reported that once during basic training he was subjected to a “Code Red” and compelled to clean a small bathroom with just a toothbrush, and was then issued a new one with soft instead of medium bristles. Later his dentist discovered two cavities and “significant tartar buildup.”

“My life will never be the same,” he said. Since the incident, Masters has found peace with the help of a “spiritual adviser,” and in the sanctuary of a suburban office park, continued his military career as a drone operator.

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