NCAA “Time Cops” to Prevent Past Violations

Time Cop!The NCAA has reportedly sent two men back in time to stop rules violations, before they happen. Their first mission: to stop former Syracuse basketball player Eric Devendorf from getting a “discounted tattoo,” in the year 2007.

“It’s a matter of grave importance,” NCAA chairman Joe Castiglione said. “The sanctity of education, amateur sport, and society itself, hang in the balance.”

Time travel is now possible thanks to an extraordinary breakthrough by the top-secret “Indianapolis Project,” rumored to be funded by the NCAA’s 11 billion dollar television contract for its signature postseason tournament.

The new division of Pre-Violation is specifically targeting “academic fraud, improper benefits, and unauthorized recreational play.”

Scientists, warn however, that any significant changes to the past could rip apart the space-time continuum and plunge the modern world into a nightmarish abyss.

“Have you been to Syracuse in February?” time cop Jean C. Van Damme asked.

A second team is preparing to venture to Chapel Hill circa 2004 to investigate the University of North Carolina, with strict orders not to stray into Durham.

“There’s a very real chance Rashad McCants may skip class,” Castiglione warned. “In the college years, the brain is like an alcohol-soaked sponge, which can also soak up knowledge. We must get back in time.”

Orange Coach Jim Boeheim excoriated the “time bandits,” but offered that the team could retroactively self-sanction during the 1996-1997 NIT season for any newfound pre-violations.

According to sources, Van Damme also volunteered to travel back to Penn State in 1994 and “roundhouse Sandusky,” but the NCAA refused, citing the space-time continuum.

Insignificant indeed.

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