Toddler Completely Oblivious to Facebook Celebrity

Baby crying_lBoston – Cathy and Craig Stevens raced into place behind the high-chair as the camera counted down. “Say cheese!” they beamed. The camera flashed, and their one-year-old son Blake answered with an indecipherable gurgle. Then the proud parents blew out the candles on his cake and immediately posted the picture to Facebook.

“We just had to share this one!” Mrs. Stevens exclaimed, as she set up another shot. “It was so special.” Blake has now been tagged in exactly 5000 pictures. The  263 albums include such seminal moments as his first dirty diaper and “that funny face” he made when Mom and Dad played Jay-Z one time.

Mr. Stevens started capturing little Blake’s “life journey” in the delivery room. He took a picture of the wet baby and placenta, and posted it with the caption “Zero Years Old!” The picture was liked by over 400 friends and family. And a Christmas card with Blake bundled in a reindeer stocking was reportedly affixed to at least 37 refrigerator doors.

“That’s when we knew he was the cutest baby ever born,” Mrs. Stevens said. “And we had to share him with the world.”

Mrs. Stevens, director of social media synergy at an image branding company, found an “insatiable” audience among her 2,126 Facebook friends. She started posting one pic a day, then ten, then printed t-shirts for her 200 “close friends.”

Moreover, Mr. Stevens reports his son is a natural prodigy and a gifted athlete. “When we play Mozart, he just gets it. You can tell. And the way he crawls, the movement is so fluid and beautiful, like watching a ballerina or LeBron James.”

But Blake’s older sister insists there is nothing special about the toddler web star. “He just sits there with that stupid look on his face and craps himself all day,” Megan said. “My grandpa does the exact same thing.”

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