Local Man Records Entire Concert in Shaky iPhone Video


Des Moines – Area native Jake Goldman amazingly recorded the entire one hour and forty minute Train concert last night on his iPhone 5 and posted it online. Early YouTube reviews are calling it “Digital Parkinson’s” and “sounds like a travel radio in a crinkly paper bag, in a wind tunnel.”

But some are calling the “camera man” a hero. Skip Chandler, who attended with Goldman, marveled at his friend’s will to make a memory for everyone to enjoy. “He did it for the world. So that they could be there, in the moment.”

The video shows a sea of other hands and small screens, with several figures appearing to play instruments on a smoke-filled stage in the distance. The music is punctuated throughout by the exhortations of a nearby inebriate and the chatter of several girls looking for a bathroom.

Goldman insists he only meant to record one song, but when Train dropped a rare b-side and then debuted new material, he knew he had to continue filming. “It was so special,” Goldman said, wearing a tired but satisfied smile, his shoulder iced like a pitcher after 12 innings of work.

“The battery red-lined and I couldn’t feel my arm,” Goldman continued. “But somehow I felt an inner peace and calm. It might have been all the bong hits I ripped in the parking lot.”

As additional shorter videos from the concert appeared online, Goldman said he looked forward to piecing together the concert experience he missed. “I was kind of distracted,” Goldman admitted. “And my screen is cracked in a million places. But it’s not about me. It’s about the music!”

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